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If one were to take the airport express train from HKG to the city, it is necssary to take a taxi to reach the hotel, unless one is staying at 4 seasons.

The good thing about Changi is that it will cost approx. HKG 100 to take a cab direct to a hotel in the city.

Is T3 Kris lounge better or CX HKG lounge better ? in terms of deco luxury , my opinion is Kris lounge. The only con about Kris lounge is its distance to the gates.

Noodle bar and nice bar counter are what that give the Cabin/Pier its appeal. Shower facilities at both are equally nice. However CX lounge can be very crowded at times.

One airport lounge which i think is comparable is ANA at Narita.

As stated in my above post, interms of custom clearence and security clearence, T3 is more efficient.

Both are AAA aiports, which i think very few outside asia airports can match. Zurich airport is another AAA airport.