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My local airport seems to be having a service meltdown. What used to be a breeze – 10 minutes from curb to gate – is now perhaps the worse airport security to encounter. It routinely takes 45 minutes – minimum. Sometimes more.

They say this is due to the DLR bringing large groups all at one time with self printed boarding passes, which is having a knock on effect. This wont be resolved until the Autumn when new security capacity is added.

As I live so close, I dont really have an airport choice, as its still quicker than getting to LHR, Just.

It seems the best thing to do is continue to arrive late and rely on the ‘last call’ principle, when you can by-pass the queue completely. Not exactly public spirited, but I dont see how the airport management can have allowed the situation to deteriorate so badly.

BAA gets a lot of criticism, but I’ve never seen a shambles like this at LHR.