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Within the UK, admittedly not the most challenging of competition, I would rate T5 well above any other. I haven’t used T4 for some time so can’t comment on its recent refurbishment. T3 is chaos at security and the old design of mile-long piers to gates with little or no facilities, T1 the same on the latter front with the added cowshed for domestic pax to pass through for mugshot reconciliation – at T5 this is done as part of the gate boarding. On which note, did anything more ever come of the biometric fingerprint reconciliation they built in? I thought it actually worked well on the day I was at the trial compared with the time at each end to capture then visually reconcile the pic, but the human rights police had it banned.

LCY does what it says on the tin I guess.

It might be “your London airport” but in my case that’s a matter of personal taste. North terminal is acceptable but south is just a dump with the worst of everything, an army of local youths in yellow sweat shirts shouting the 100ml rules as if they were trying to flog you the poly bags in a market stall. Makes the drivers on megabus look positively customer friendly

If LTN’s boarding sheds were used for animals or cargo they would be classed as cruel.

STN – where’s that again?

MAN T3 – Hmmm, ok if not delayed, trouble up north otherwise.

BHX T2 nee Eurohub is bearable, haven’t used the new communal departures yet.

All things relative, hope to see the regulars in the 5 Tuns or Crown Rivers.