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If like me you are sick of the poor management and lack of resourcing of airport operations by British Airports Authority (particularly relating to security queues), and you are a British voter, please sign my petition to the Prime Minister at

The petition reads:
“We the undersigned frequent BAA travellers wholeheartedly support the conclusion of the Competition Commission that BAA “have failed to manage security queuing and queue times to avoid unacceptable delays to passengers, crew and flights and consequently have not furthered the reasonable interests of the users of Heathrow and Gatwick.”

Whilst there are currently adequate incentives for BAA to invest in the capital structure of airports we believe that there have not been sufficient incentives to drive operational performance (particularly in relation to security queues). We fully endorse the recommendation that the Service Quality Rebate requires an overhaul to ensure that the regulatory regime provides adequate incentive for BAA to improve and maintain service standards.

We urge the Prime Minister to ensure the CAA implement the recommendations of the Competition Commission in full.”