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For those that are into collecting Avios beyond or besides flying, the two familiar means are by via American Express membership rewards and Tesco club cards.

A 3rd means has appeared in the last couple of months. Topcashback is a cashback site that allows you to generate cashback by shopping with various online retailers via their website. Each retailer has either a flat cash amount, or a % amount of the purchase price that you will receive into your topcashback account, when you go to the retailer via the topcashback website. This cash can then be withdrawn to a bank account.

So far so good, but since March, topcashback has provided the option to withdraw your cashback to a TESCO CLUBCARD ACCOUNT. As i’m sure you know, once in a club card account you can then convert to BA Avios. The one rather limiting rule is that the maximum you can send from a topcashback account to your CLUBCARD account in any 12 months is £50. Still, £50 top cashback=£50 club card vouchers = 12,0000 Avios.

So the trick is to to find the retailers that provide the most cashback, for the least outlay. The best ones seems to be for online bookies/casinos, or for trial of online services, where you sign up, get the cashback, and then cancel your signup before the first payment is made. Your exact choices will depend on whether you have previously signed up with the retailer or not, as many of the topcashback offers for retailers are for new customers only. The one thing to watch out is when sending your cashback to your tesco account, no one cashback reward must put you over £50, and you can’t sent part of one cash back. So for example if you get £40 from one retailer, and £15 from another, if you send the £40 to your tesco account, you can’t sent the £15 as that would be beyond the £50 limit, and you can’t send a part of the £15. So you must build your cashback offers up so as in total,they don’t exceed £50.

The latest entry in my blog,, highlights my particular choices, which will result in me getting 12,0000 Avios for an outlay of £10, or less than 0.1p per Avios.

Note, my usual advice regarding converting from Tesco Clubcard to Avios applies. Unless you need the Avios immediately,leave them as Clubcard points. Tesco has previously run transfer bonuses to Avios, the last one gave you 1000 Avios for each £2.50 in vouchers instead of the usual 600. Should an offer like that come round again, that would mean the £50 would be worth 20,000 Avios

If you are new to topcashback, I’d appreciate if you sign up via my referral link as I’ll get a small referral commission if you do so.
My link is:-

Get cracking on that virtually free 12,000 Avios

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