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Whilst I often find Vk’s love for BA bizzare at at times, I understand what he is saying and agree with it..from a business point of view. It is an expensive cost to BA and i would do the same if I were them.

lets face it, most Ex-UK people fly them for thier routemap, BA will not entice people away from sleazy et al by cutting lounge access. people fly low cost because..its low cost. BA have identified an area to cut cost and I agree with them. lets face it, its cheaper to have your PP pass annually than to keep flying BA to get tier status so you can use the lounge when not flying BA.

As for thier market research comments, utter tosh. unless they asked me on a bad day when the lounge was full, which they didnt

Yes its a perk reduction, yes i fully understand consumers not being happy. However, as a business owner always watching the costs I also see BA’s perspective.