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Wow! That’s great info continentalclub!

The vaguaries of booking online are indeed complex, but the informed consumer can always get what they need if they are prepared to educate themselves.

I hope AMD can use this information to get the seats he needs, though would urge speed as having now announced to several hundred (if not a thousand) BT readers the plentiful availability of Club World flight to SA in February, those seats will no doubt book up even faster!

Just a point to note; although you 2for1 cannot be used for the Comair connector flights between J’burg and CPT, you could simply pay for those flights, and you 2for1 would still be valid outbound from London to CPT/JNB, and returning from JNB.

Best to do extensive research online, and then call up on book the more complex open jaw 2for1 itinerary through BAEC. I find them more able and better disposed to deal with queries quickly early in the mornings, so tend to call then if possible.