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I find the best way to track airmiles is to keep an excell spread sheet. I belong to 4 programmes have in excess of a lot of airmiles and wish they were pound notes instead of points because then i could retire.

Once a month, I go into each web site, see what’s on offer and complete my spreadsheet. Sad as it may seem, but my airmiles are considered as an asset of my business, although obviously not forming part of the balance sheets!!!

On an interesting note, on the basis (very general) that 100,000 airmiles = a business class long-haul, lets say its worth approx £2000 per return ticket, look at how much potential value airmiles have. I once asked Virgin whether I could nominate the vast amount of airmiles to my wife or children in my last will and testament. Apparently if you do that, there is a chance they will be converted to cash at the value of .00001p per airmile. I was referred to the small print.