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Indeed, it’s simply not long enough to enjoy and appreciate.

My suggestions were very much geared to someone looking to get good value from their miles stash; hence the need for a “short” longhaul.

You would need a decent resort not too far from the airport, and not a destination where you would actually want to stay much longer than your alloted three days R&R.

You would need to fly 2-3 hours within Europe to get some warmth in October even if you decided on a shorthaul CE trip.

Frankly once you have struggled through security and jumped on a plane you may as well enjoy the spa, Concorde Room pre-flight dining/cabanas, decent on board IFE, a proper seat and restful bed in flight and and Arrivals lounge once you get back which a longhaul ticket would bring, all this is also a much better use for your miles than a shorthaul would be.

As you say you both enjoy flying as much as the actual destination it seems sensible to stick to longhaul.