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I’m an Indonesian living in HK. I travel to Singapore quite often, but my experience on April 30 was quite shocking! I arrived from Bali and being requested to go to Security / Immigration room after they checked my passport. They picked some Asian too, I could see some Thais, Indian, Vietnamese were requested to go there too (which I found this very racist). I kept on asking what the problem was and they never told me what anything.

I travel a lot, so it shouldn’t be because they think I would stay ilegally there (I have Schengen, Japan, US visa in my passport too) and since I was in a hurry, I kept on asking them. Their reply became more and more rude. Then, they asked me to show the hotel reservation form and how much money I brought. This is actually quite insulting! Is there any rule in SIN for minimum amount of money to be brought in by tourist ?? Beside, these days people travel with credit card. I showed my HKD 8000 I brought and the officer asked me how much would that be in SIN Dollar. OMG ! Not just asking me to show the money, they wanted to test my math too ?? I don’t know why they do this kind of “check” – is it because they don’t need tourist from Asian any longer ?? Anyone has the same experience ?