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I have this morning received not one but two identical emails purporting to come from the US Department of Home Security telling me to renew my ESTA application since my existing authorisation ” … will expire within the next thirty days” and giving a link (which looks genuine enough) at which to do so.

I am tempted to think this is a scam because (a) my ESTA does not run out until mid-2011(I have checked my facts here by going – not via the given link – to the ESTA website and checking validity) and (b) the repetition of the email feels odd and un-government-like.

Does anyone know if this is indeed a scam ….. either by some unknown third party to obtain passport etc details and generally have a good phish … or by the US government seeking to advance the moment at which I shall have to fork out greenbacks to renew my application to enter their country?

Thanks for your wisdom as always, gentlemen. Jonathan