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I agree VK, an article would be interesting & useful.
But a broader focus maybe…?

Many of us Travel on business alone long haul, & i am sure have our own methods & techniques of keeping our insurances alongside us if needed.

I am in Australia very often, for weeks at a time, where the reciprocal Healthcare agreement for UK passport holder (& some other agreed countries) operates. However, if you don’t go to the Medicare Office when you arrive & carry your( up to 3 month), slip, you will have to pay up front for all, & even if you were entitled to re-claim, you get back 40-60% only.

Coverage is patchy in many countries, & standards of many Hospitals varies. In Asia, the major cities have some International standard & accredited Hospitals, but not all. Here & for local Dr’s you are best to rely on the hopefully good Hotel (Concierge) or their local established links. It would always be advisable to be aware of any good facilities where you are to travel, should you need them.

Prescribed Pharmacy items are also sometimes buyable,( antibiotics High grade antihystamines) in Oman & Thailand without seeing a Dr.
I keep mine listed for various destinations that are printed off for when i travel.
Caution in carrying your own or purchased medicines also need to be highlighted. In Dubai, 320 UK over the counter items are prohibited to be carried in or in transit, without a prescription & Dr”s letter. these include items with Codeine cough remedies, Analgesics, even Melatonin.
Some Business Travellers have been arrested & Jailed for not complying in the last couple of years. What you buy at LHR for yr cough, maybe prohibited to carry where you land!
In Australia, Pseudophenadrine is banned (A de-congestant), as it is used in the illicit drug trade!

Certainly be resourceful to hear others tips & experiences…and help heighten awareness of this rarely discussed, but pertinent Health safety issue for all of us.

The FCO site is always excellent to advise pre-travel, for the carrying of medicines, standards of local Healthcare facilities, to ensure your Health safety. The carrying of medicines is especially complicated, EVEN if you transit a country’s airport!
For my UK – Australia travel, that can mean 5 different countries / Customs & legislated rules to adhere to…as well as Security, in one through trip.

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