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Wildgoose. Your continuing references to me force me to respond. I am not a hypocrite at all. If YOU had bothered to read my post properly, I was defending the right for everyone to say whatever they think. HOWEVER, you have been abusive to a number of people on this thread, and I was suggesting that such an approach has no place here (notwithstanding my retaliatory abuse towards you).

I agree with others that we should be adult on this site. What is interesting is that in your later posts, when you have toned down your confrontationism a little, you make some very good points which, incidentally, I wholly agree with.

For your information, I am a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant. However, I too have a dark complexion. Like you, I also have been mistaken for having pretty much the same range of racial origins over the years as you have been. I am always the person who has his passport run through the reader when all the fair haired people around me are waved through, so I empathise with your comments on this. This is particularly annoying at UK passport control, when often the person running my passport through is wearing a turban or is otherwise clearly from an ethnic group themselves. It is hard at such times not to feel shameful and unacceptable racist thoughts. It is also especially apparent when I travel with my young son, who is blond and blue-eyed.

Your points about the wide range of terrorist threats that we face are (generally) well-made. This comes back to the point that I and one or two others have made on this thread – there is no real physical solution in terms of prevention of such acts, as there will always be loopholes to exploit.

My argument is (and it is not a Guevaran attitude at all) that we need to be also addressing the root causes of the problem (as we did, no matter how unpalatable it was at times, in respect of Northern Ireland). The problem seems to be that the (at least the former) US administration viewed any form of dialogue (or even suggestion of that) as a sign of “weakness,” and any form of criticism of their policy approach, no matter how constructive, as “anti-Americanism.” I also largely agree with oldchinahand’s analysis of the former administration and the current. I do not suggest for a moment that such political initiatives will be easy, particularly given the spread of threats that you identify, before I am criticised for being naive. My argument is that the political dimension is as, if not more, important than any “physical security” measures if we are to achieve long-term solutions. Arguably, a further dimension is military force, but far be it from me to comment on this….

Hope this clarifies what you clearly misread as a Marxist analysis. It’s a lot easier to agree with you when you stick to your well-made points and stop sniping at other posters. I, and many others, had hoped that we had got away from such behaviour on the Forum, thus my earlier retaliatory posts towards you. I don’t wish to censor yours or anyone else’s views, no matter how contrary they are to mine. I just want such views to be put across with courtesy and tolerance towards others and their opinions, not. peppered with snide comments simply because someone thinks differently. As Jonathan says, the post that you had deleted by the Administrator must’ve been pretty off, as this happens very rarely indeed.

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