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Wildgoose,my post voiced very commonly held views of US airlines and US security and was not overtly anti-American.
The facts are that most American airlines are of a poor standard, America,s security system is still a dud and few people want to travel to the US because the experience at American airports is so awful.

With the demise of ‘Dubya and his triger happy bully boys there is a steadier more intelligent hand on the tiller who is not as inclined to act as though America has some god given right to run the world and that anyone voicing any contary view is automaticaly anti- American.
Hopefully Omama’s more intelligent considered approach will quickly filter through to the grass roots of the inept American security services. This however may take some time as the existing flawed system would appear to be irrecoverable and the Obama apointed Janet Napolitano who runs both Homeland security and the secret service not up to the job.

by CNNs Ed Rollins
‘Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said immediately after the incident that “the system worked,” Clearly the system didn’t work. Her boss, the president, made that plain in his comments Tuesday: “The bottom line is this: The U.S. government had sufficient information to have uncovered this plot and potentially disrupt the Christmas Day attack, but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots which would have placed the suspect on the no-fly list,” Obama said
And now we find out our most important ally, Britain, also had sufficient intelligence and had warned us in advance about AbdulMutallab.
Homeland Security was created and all intelligence was put under one entity, headed by the director of national intelligence. But the failures outlined Tuesday are the same failures that caused 9/11. Eight years after 9/11, the system failed. Mr. President, follow the example of your neighbor, the unpopular Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and hold someone accountable. Snyder fired his general manager and his football coach for a failed season. You need to fire someone for the security failures. This is the second big-time security failure this year — the White House gate crashers and now the Detroit bomber. The two agencies that have failed security big-time are the Secret Service and TSA.The person in charge of both agencies is Janet Napolitano. Fire her and convince us that standing in long lines at airports is worth the price. Getting mad is not enough, Mr. President. We’re mad too. But you can do something about it!’

America historically had little need thus has little experience in securing its borders, airports and travelling public against terrorism Its agencies and successive Presidents have been unwilling to take advise from allies who have considerable long term experience and security systems that function well. Hopefully Obama will finaly take the strong action needed to put in place a security system that works. Or will he?

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