The pandemic has caused a seismic shift in not just the way we live, but more significantly in the way we work. A recent survey conducted by McKinsey which polled 25,000 Americans showed that 58 per cent of them had the flexibility to work from home on at least one day of the week. A hybrid work model has meant that one of the most essential requirements for hybrid workers is access to a reliable printer – be it at home, at a co-working space or even at their offices.

There are several printers to choose from – factors such as ease of operation, cost of maintenance and connectivity of the device have meant that there are only a handful of printers that eventually make the cut.

A clear frontrunner is the print-scan-copy HP LaserJet Tank series of printers whose biggest advantage is that they are cartridge-free toner tank laser printers.

While the initial cost of acquiring a cartridge-free toner tank laser printer might be slightly higher compared to traditional printers, there’s a clear cost saving in the long run. The cost will not only be offset by way of the very low maintenance of these printers, but also the cost of its daily operations.

The printing toner available within its tank can print up to 5,000 pages before it needs to be refilled. Straight out of the box, the printer comes with a toner that prints 5,000 pages. There are two vertical lines in the toner level indication on the printer’s front and left side which denotes the level of the toner in the cartridge. Each line accounts for 2,500 pages worth of printing material and disappears when it has reached that limit. The printer also has a 50,000-page imaging drum.

Given that a small-size office will print on average around 500 pages a month, the toner will last for around ten months of the year. HP cautions that users should buy only the Original HP Toner Refill Kit. HP adds that refilling the toner is not more than a 15-second process which makes this a fuss-free product that doesn’t require complex technical know-how to operate.

Security is paramount in the digital world and the HP LaserJet Tank series excels on this front. In HP Wolf Essential Security, passwords, photos, scans and prints can be protected against external threats including malware. The printer’s firmware is constantly updated to ensure end-to-end security.

To calculate your precise savings, HP has developed a unique Savings Calculator. The tool allows you to calculate annual savings on your yearly estimated print count and provides a detailed report of the savings compared to traditional printers.

As far as connectivity goes, the printers are compatible with the HP Smart App and have dual-band wiFi and direct Wi-Fi printing too. The printer also comes with a three-year warranty and as one-year of it is free extended warranty on registering online to warranty page, there’s a certain level of confidence that HP places on its HP LaserJet Tank series. For those who are on the cusp of deciding on their next printer, it is even more reassuring when considering the value proposition that this printer series will undoubtedly present to its users.

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