Just as several first-time electric car owners suffer from range anxiety, for frequent flyers that anxiety is often manifested by thoughts of their devices running out of power during crucial meetings, or not having the right chargers to quickly charge their devices while they are on the go.

Anker has spent more than the last decade focusing on addressing the market’s challenges with its range of chargers, power banks, cables and wireless charging devices, among other products. Apart from debuting ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing hardware, the company has focused on developing class-leading technology as well. Take for example its GaN chargers, which use gallium nitride over silicon as the semiconductor material. The advantages of the use of gallium over silicon nitride are numerous – it allows for a physical reduction in the size of the transistors, and for smaller chips too. Also, it can handle higher power levels and charge faster than silicon.

Two specific chargers demonstrate the utility of this technology and its practical use in everyday scenarios. These are the Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W) and its smaller sibling, the Anker Nano II 65W charger.

The Anker 736 (Nano II 100W) Charger was an honoree at the CES Innovation Awards 2022 in the mobile devices and accessory category, which in itself will suggest the punch that this device packs. With a 100W charging capability, it could simultaneously charge a laptop, a mobile phone and a wireless charging pad – for time-crunched individuals who don’t have the bandwidth to wait for their devices to charge one at a time, this is the antidote. The GaN technology also implies that it’s 34 per cent smaller than an original 96W MacBook power brick which makes this extremely efficient to throw into your laptop bag or carry-on luggage. There are other practical considerations including this device being smudge-proof, scratch-resistant and anti-static.

The Anker 736’s ultra-fast charging capability allows you to charge the device rapidly too. You wouldn’t have to be too concerned about the charger overheating – the GaN technology allows for better heat dissipation compared to silicon.

The second device, the Anker Nano II 65W, has a smaller charging capacity but is equally packed with features. It is 58 per cent smaller than an original 61W USB-C charger and with a foldable plug, and can charge most notebooks at high speed. In what might be a coup of sorts, Anker says that for some models of the iPhone and Samsung devices, the Anker Nano II reportedly charge up to three times faster than the device’s original chargers supplied by the manufacturer. Anker adds the Nano II can charge a 2020 MacBook Air in less than two hours, a MacBook Pro 13-inch at full speed, an iPhone 13 up to three times faster than with an original 5W charger, and charge the latest Samsung phones at full speed with Samsung Super Fast Charging. The ports on the charger allow for USB-C to Lightning cable for Apple phones and USB-C to USB-C for Samsung and other Android devices.

Like the Anker 736, the GaN technology here too facilitates higher energy efficiency. As is the case with all Anker chargers, this one too is built with safety features that prevent it from overcharging.

There’s an 18-month warranty that comes with both devices, which should reassure you that these chargers will prove to be worthy electronic travel companions.