Unlocking Paradise: Ocean City Reimagines Urban Living

30 Jan 2024 by BusinessTraveller
Ocean City by Vinhomes

Ocean City, an all-in-one complex developed by Vinhomes – Vietnam’s largest real estate company – offers a blissful escape from frenetic urban life, blending modern city living with the serenity of nature. It’s a haven for those seeking a healthier, happier life in today’s uncertain times.

Lee Hae-Won steps out of her apartment in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The young mother from South Korea is bringing her baby daughter to a white-sand artificial beach nestled in the heart of their residential complex, Vinhomes Ocean Park – and it’s just an eight-minute walk away.

“I take my daughter here almost every day,” she says, her eyes reflecting the azure hues of the man-made beach, the voices of beachgoers mingling with the sound of the wind. “This is our first home. And from the moment I set foot here, I envisioned a peaceful life, full of sunshine, far away from the dust and noise of the city. This is where my daughter will enjoy the perfect environment to grow up.”

The apartment, belonging to Lee and her Vietnamese husband, sits within one of three mixed-use developments in the 1,200-hectare Ocean City mega-complex, in the eastern part of Hanoi. At Ocean City, residents trade the cramped spaces and polluted air of city life for spacious homes surrounded by lush greenery and a shimmering 6.1-hectare man-made saltwater lagoon and beach.

This isn’t just any beach: the sand has been shipped in from Nha Trang, Vietnam’s famous white-sand beach and premier tourist destination, ensuring that every step feels like a mini vacation. What’s more, there’s also a 24.5-hectare man-made freshwater lake nearby.

The 6.1 ha saltwater lake – Crystal Lagoon, and the world’s largest artificial white-sand lake, Pearl Lake, covering more than 24.5 hectares. PHOTO: VINHOMES.
The 6.1-hectare saltwater lake – Crystal Lagoon, and the world’s largest artificial white-sand lake, Pearl Lake, covering more than 24.5 hectares. PHOTO: VINHOMES.

A haven of happiness

Around the world, there is a move towards healthier and greener living spaces. This is not a temporary trend caused by the pandemic: recent data shows the desire to move into greener spaces continues apace, and has been boosted by today’s remote-working models and the aspiration to own a home that provides a resort-like experience.

Lee is part of this trend. “The Covid-19 period made me rethink what’s important in a home,” she says, while chatting over a picnic at the beach. “Home is not just a place to live, but also a sanctuary for happiness – a place to nurture my family’s well-being.”

Her family is enjoying a weekend barbecue party by the lake, with the sunset colouring Vincom Ocean Park’s beach a rich gold. “Moments like this, eating together, laughing, watching the sunset reflected on the water, I feel like I’m in the best and happiest place to live on Earth,” says Lee.

Ocean City (credit Gabrielle Bergé)
Ocean City on weekends has a party atmosphere, with sunshine and the sound of laughter. PHOTO: VINHOMES.

Also escaping the urban cacophony is Japanese architect Imai Hisashi, who set up his office in Ocean City, where he finds inspiration for his work. “The tranquillity here fuels my creativity,” he says. Hisashi expects Ocean City to grow in the future, paving the way for him to design more homes brimming with happiness.

But Ocean City isn’t just about sun, sand and tranquillity. It’s a thriving community built for modern lifestyles. World-class amenities such as Vincom Mega Mall are right at residents’ fingertips, while the Vinmec International Hospital is now under construction. There are also comprehensive educational facilities including kindergartens, schools and a university, nurturing the dreams of the next generation.

“For someone with young children, having both a Vinschool and Vinmec right here is a huge privilege,” says Lee. “It’s one less worry when you know top-notch education and healthcare are just a stone’s throw away.”

City within a city

Sun-kissed and vibrant, Ocean City defies definition. Urban energy pulses beneath a vast sky, the buildings among coconut groves, creating a blend of city convenience and natural escapism.

The development also offers recreational opportunities for every taste. Imagine gliding across the serene waters of Pearl Lake on a kayak, unleashing your inner champion on the tennis courts, or weaving along endless green paths on a bicycle.

For those seeking thrills, VinWonders Hanoi Wave Park and VinWonders Hanoi Water Park provide adventurous and exciting experiences. When it’s time to relax, step into Grand World Hanoi, a massive culinary and entertainment complex with plentiful fashion stores and food and beverage options.

Each evening, the complex hosts a live performance featuring 3D mapping technology on the largest stage ship in Asia – Grand Voyage. Adjacent to Grand World Hanoi is Center Point commercial district, with bustling and vibrant rows of shops to delight passing guests. Tourists, locals and residents can enjoy the countless ways Ocean City offers opportunities to play, indulge and reconnect.

Ocean City ticks all the boxes, with something for everyone. It’s a prime example of the booming “city within a city” trend in Asia, where families seek high-quality mixed-use developments with everything on hand.

A recent report by PWC revealed that in most emerging economies, families favour a move to self-contained urban townships, integrated communities – or “mini-cities” as they’re sometimes called.

Ocean City is a prime example of the booming “city within a city” trend in Asia, where families seek high-quality developments with everything on hand. PHOTO: VINHOMES.
Ocean City is a prime example of the booming “city within a city” trend in Asia, where families seek high-quality developments with everything on hand. PHOTO: VINHOMES.

All this explains Ocean City’s appeal. It caters perfectly to this growing desire for convenience, community and a vibrant quality of life, all within a single, well-planned environment. And completing the picture, exploring beyond Ocean City is equally effortless: there’s an extensive network of electric buses running throughout the week, whisking residents directly to the heart of Hanoi or into the surrounding area.

Ngoc Truong spent seven years living in the suburbs of Rome. On returning to Vietnam, the 48-year-old journalist embarked upon a quest for a living space that reflected the spaciousness and alfresco feel of his life in Italy. His search led him to Ocean City: “I’m a sports enthusiast, and this place is a dream come true. It’s like having a giant gym at your doorstep,” says Truong.

“This is the life I craved, filled with fresh air, space, and endless possibilities,” he adds. “Many people I know have sold their homes in the city centre to come and live here.”

Ocean City stands out not only as a destination but also as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a sense of contentment that makes it a blissful urban retreat. Many residents, having lived overseas, say it is the most liveable place on the planet to call home, attributing this sentiment to the joy it instils within them.

With its thriving community of more than 60,000 residents, and plans to accommodate 200,000 in the future, Ocean City is proving that paradise isn’t a dream: It’s a reality within reach.

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