The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) has a long association with the UAE and especially with Dubai. It was the first international university to set up a campus in the country, and more recently opened its sprawling 200,000 square foot ‘Campus of the Future’ facility in Knowledge Park in Dubai.

The Covid-19 pandemic notwithstanding, the university has rolled out a host of new graduate and postgraduate courses for students to future-proof themselves.

One among these is a new Master of Business Analytics programme, for which it is awaiting final CAA approval from the UAE’s Ministry of Education.

The course can be completed in between 18-24 months. The university has mandated that the maximum requirement to graduate is 12 subjects.

However, not all students are required to complete the 12 subjects. Taking into account relevant work experience, as well as related studies in the field, UOWD allows students to complete the MBAS programme with 10 subjects provided

that they have completed a bachelor degree in a relevant business area or a UOWD Graduate Certificate in Business, or if they have extensive professional work experience in a related area alongside a bachelor degree.

In an effort to ensure that the coursework prepares the students for real-world scenarios and prepares them to undertake roles at world-class analytics firms, it has been designed in collaboration with SAS.

Upon graduation, all students will be awarded the SAS Business Analytics Joint

Certificate and/or the Advanced Business Analytics Joint Certificate.

The course will be headed by Dr Osama Al-Hares who has a PhD in accounting and finance from the Manchester Business School, UK.

Completing a Master of Business Analytics degree can potentially expose the students to a number of in-demand career options. Among the many roles that graduates of this course will be able to apply for include quantitative analysts, hedge fund managers, management consultants and business analysts.

The size of the global big data analytics market is expected to grow from $12.8bn in 2020 to $23.5bn by 2025, at a CAGR of 13 per cent, reported a study by ReportLinker.

“As organisations globally continue to invest in big data and artificial intelligence initiatives, the role of business analysts will become increasingly crucial,” said Professor Mohamed Salem, president of UOWD.

“The demand for qualified data scientists, data engineers, management consultants and quantitative analysts will also surge as they help analyse

data, manage financial risk and help businesses make decisions that support their strategic growth.”

In a boon to on-campus university education here in the UAE, UOWD has confirmed that from January 2021 it will have 100 per cent in-class learning for all its students at its new campus.

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