Now that the whole nasty business of new year’s resolutions is over for another year, we can concentrate on important matters, like looking good. Getting in shape in the gym is hard work — that’s why most of us don’t bother. Especially as looking great by being well groomed is relatively easy: you just throw a little money at the problem. There is a vast offering of problem-solving, anti-ageing, beautifying products and services available, and minimum effort is needed to take advantage of them (buy the product, use it). Follow these tips, and there’s no excuse for this not being the year of looking impeccably groomed.

First class skin

If your skin is well-behaved, not too dry, doesn’t break out in spots and looks young and healthy, keep doing whatever you’re doing. For everyone else, here are three key tips:

  • Beware of using regular bath soap on your face — most men do and then wonder why their skin feels dry and taut. Bath soap strips natural oils and contains mostly perfume. It can make dry skin drier and very sensitive. Equally, stripping the skin’s natural oils encourages oil production and therefore makes an oily skin more oily. Use a specific facial cleansing product instead — you’ll find one in every men’s range.
  • Do exfoliate, using a face scrub. Although a certain amount of exfoliation (removal of the dead surface layer of skin cells) takes place during shaving, a scrub is still important because it helps to unclog pores, minimise in-growing hairs and, according to recent research, can even help to keep skin looking younger for longer.
  • Use a moisturiser. Your skin will instantly feel more comfortable, lines become smoothed and you’ll have a healthy glow. Rub any excess moisturiser into your hands — a rough-skinned handshake is just as off-putting as a limp one.

If you have real issues with your skin, either suffering from acne or feeling you have so many wrinkles you look much older than your years, you may want to check out NLite, a breakthrough non-invasive laser treatment. Originally developed to assist skin rejuvenation (clinical trials showed NLite causes an 85 per cent increase in natural collagen, with clients showing an average 55.3 per cent reduction in wrinkles), an independent study also revealed speedy improvement in acne. A study of 30 patients who had mild to moderate acne showed that a single session halved their acne within 12 weeks. It’s a painless procedure — though a little tingling is felt — and has no side effects. A single treatment costs in the region of £250 and it’s available nationwide. Call 0845 855 0844 for details.

Hair care

Shiny hair is clean hair, and there’s no harm in washing your hair daily. After all, it’s subject to the same pollution and climate changes as your skin and you’d choose to wash your face each day. But do invest in a decent shampoo. Two-in-one shampoos and conditioners are fine when you’re on the go, but don’t give the best results if you use them every day. Choose something specifically for your hair type (dry, oily, dull, coarse, grey — there’s truly something for everyone.) If your hair feels dry, use conditioner. If it’s thin, mousse can help it look thicker. Just put a small amount in the palm of your hand and run it through your hair.

Excess hair — and I’m talking ear and nose — is just not acceptable. Take a long hard look at yourself and buy a nose hair trimmer, pronto.

Have you got boardroom teeth?

Bad teeth are a real turn-off, both on a personal and professional level. Cosmetic dentist Justin Glaister at Umbrella Smiles (11 Harley Street, London, +44 [0]207 612 9810) reports: “We have many more men, especially company directors, coming to see us to improve their appearance, which is critical in the business arena.”

Glaister does everything from top-of-the-range porcelain veneers to “recontouring”, where teeth are made more uniform in length. He also does whitening, which makes an extraordinary difference, literally taking years off you — discolouration is, after all, part of the ageing process. Look out for the Brite Smile system, which uses light technology with a wavelength-specific bleaching gel. It’s carried out by dentists (call 08707 800 901 or visit for your nearest dentist using the system) and will set you back £495, but it’s a confidence-boosting investment that should last a few years.

Smelling good

Fashion designer Coco Chanel once said: “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” This advice is just as applicable to men as to women, but keep it subtle. Fragrance should leave a subtle trail in your wake, rather than herald your arrival. As for what to buy, let your own nose decide, as scent is very subjective. A tip: our sense of smell is least acute in the morning with our ability to perceive odours increasing as the day wears on, so go easy on the eau de toilette after your morning shower and if you are scent shopping, it may not be wise to do it before breakfast. Save that time for the sit-ups.