Sitting at the forefront of the philosophy of sustainable sourcing and mindful eating, AnnaMaya at Andaz Delhi encourages guests to to Eat Mindful, Shop Artisanal, Raise Awareness. Bringing to life the humble stories of skilled Indian artisans, a meal at AnnaMaya is a rendezvous with the colours of India.

This European food hall prides itself on its “Made in India” concept as it only uses products which are locally sourced and made. The ingredients also weave themselves into the story of AnnaMaya with their socially inspiring backgrounds.

It is at AnnaMaya that one can also purchase artisanal products along with their dining experience. And this is deep-rooted in the fundamental philosophy of the restaurant; which believes in helping society and supporting a healthy lifestyle via mindful meals and engaging moments.


Indigenously sourced slabs of stone, glass and wood are crafted with innovation to create a space that highlights the balance of different styles. Natural materials and layers of patterns are informally paired into a sophisticated design.

Greeting you at the entrance is a huge pomegranate with its red seeds spilling out! Picture sacks of spices, colourful hand-painted glass windows such as those found in Chandni Chowk, and weathered wooden doors; the by-lanes and markets of old Delhi come to life in all their glory at AnnaMaya. Awe-inspiring floral sculptures created by renowned art curator Rajeev Sethi add a sense of vividness and form to the space.

Your AnnaMaya experience begins at the dessert section — keeping in mind the Indian philosophy of starting something memorable on a sweet note! Retro-themed dishes tantalise your taste buds as you walk towards the Beverage Bar that serves spiced lassies, smoothies, fruit punches and lemonades which are perfect for detoxification.

Moving on, you find yourself at the Salad Bar with fresh Aloe Vera plants in coloured, hand-painted pottery and special temperature controlled cabinets for micro-greens, which are grown and harvested in-house. Next is the Bakery where various breads and quiches served fresh out of the oven.

The live kitchen and tandoor section where lush ingredients and artisanal products are converted into delicious dishes lie beyond the Bakery.


Andaz Delhi has completely redesigned its hospitality offerings keeping in mind comfort and convenience for their guests during the pandemic.

Enter a Culinary Theatre at AnnaMaya where Chefs take on your script for your meal and prepare something out of the ordinary that’s not only a safe experience but also a feast for all your senses. The restaurant has also adopted QR coded menu to reduce touch-points and further elevate customer safety.

Another concept that has been adopted at AnnaMaya at Andaz Delhi is Flatten the curve(s). With low-fat, low-carb and healthy preparations, the restaurant brings to guests bespoke immune boosting menus for healthy and delicious breaks.

In addition to the above innovations, the “Feel at Home” concept brings to the restaurant a homely feeling with a family style dining room where guests can unwind and feel at home. The dishes are brought to your table freshly prepared and arranged aesthetically before the covers are taken off in front of you.

And this isn’t it; more concepts like #401 Winter Haat that lets you enjoy the hotel and the capital like a local; Flying Buffet where you don’t need to walk to the food – instead it flies to you; and CYOR (create your own restaurant) and CYOB (create your own bar) where you can bring your very own restaurant/bar to life from the selection of Andaz Delhi’s F&B offerings including inspirations from ‘401 Reasons to fall in love with Delhi’, AnnaMaya, Juniper Bar, Soul Pantry – creativity is at the heart of Andaz Delhi!

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