Outletcity Metzingen offers visitors more than 150 brands in flagship stores. From luxury and premium to sports, jewellery and home and living, all brands tempt visitors with fabulous selections and prices that are reduced up to 70%** all year long. It is Europe’s largest outlet* and located just 30 km south of Stuttgart, two hours’ drive from Munich, Frankfurt or Zurich. Exploring the huge selection of stores needs energy and is made easier with shopping breaks. A variety of restaurants and cafés ranging from Starbucks to Italian L’Osteria and Asian Champa to an Alpine chalet ensure that visitors can recharge with sweet or savoury delights. Large outdoor areas and squares are dotted across Outletcity Metzingen and are seasonally decorated – beach settings in summer with play areas and water features to an ice skating rink and Christmas market in winter – a visit is more than shopping, it’s an experience.

The picturesque town of Metzingen with its historic centre and surrounding vineyards is where Hugo Boss had opened his tailor shop which developed into a world-famous company. Their factory sale is the origin of Outletcity Metzingen which today is home to the world’s largest Hugo Boss flagship outlet store (over 5,000 square metres). The strong heritage of textile and leather manufacturing is evident in the restoration and redevelopment of whole areas. The juxtaposition of old and new is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the sustainable building practices are also committed to being green while proudly preserving the city’s architectural heritage.

Award-winning architecture provides that special metropolitan feeling, nestled among the mountains and castles of southern Germany. Paired with charming half-timbered houses in a wine growing region that invites you to explore using all your senses, Metzingen and its surroundings, such as the Swabian Alb biosphere reserve, are well-worth seeing. Come visit and be rejuvenated!

*By sales area or size – Market report “Outlet Centres in Europe”, p. 26 (June 2022) produced by ecostra GmbH, www.ecostra.de/studien_und_marktberichte/outlet-centres-europe_2022-06.pdf
**In comparison to the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price, where applicable.