Business Traveller India talks to Rupin Suchak, renowned production designer and interior designer about his design inspirations, the journey into interior design, his favourite travel destination and more.

What inspired you to delve into the world of interior design?

A series of events pushed me into the world of interior design. I never planned to be a part of it consciously. What inspired me to continue my little journey ahead was just the fact that people resonated with my spaces emotionally. I got the opportunity and was able to bring forward something that came from an experimental world for clients/ friends who commissioned me for their spaces. The unwavering interest of my clients in my work has now helped me delve into it deeper.

How do you get inspired by your designs?

I draw inspiration from everything that I see. Something as bizarre as a crumpled tissue paper to a trashed coconut peel can inspire me. I have conditioned my mind to not be stereotypical for almost a decade now. It now helps me do what I want it to. There’s inspiration everywhere for a seeker and I feel there is no bigger artist to get inspired from than the creator of nature.

What’s next for you?

I am working on three-four things parallely. I do not like to hold onto one thing in design and stick to it. I am launching a brand of my own for all the experimental, usable, design stuff by this December. I am also preparing for two big feature films as a production designer for the coming year for which I am starting an extensive 13-country trip commencing November 1,

What are a few things that we would always find in your carry-on luggage?

Ipad with my pencil, my laptop, a bandana, a mask, my yoga mat and anything location specific to my travels.

What’s the next travel destination on your wish list and why?

I really wish to travel to mount Kailash in the lap of the Himalayas. It’s mainly for my spiritual growth. It’s on my list and I am making sure it happens soon.

How would you describe a well-designed space?

It’s a very subjective approach. What works for me in every way right from the way it looks to the utilities it has to offer. If all fits well it’s a well-designed space. Design is an ever evolving concept so, it’s easy to not like something or grow out of the designed space and want something more from it later.