How have you managed to maintain the balance of good food and good music whilst creating a holistic restaurant experience without compromising on either element?

So, we have eight restaurants therefore, inherently we are restaurateurs. But to answer your question, food has always been a huge part of our lives so, we ensure the quality of the food we serve remains our number one priority. However, my brother and I were keen to merge nightlife and good food. From that we started adopting the concept of resto bars. The idea is to keep our restaurants as conversational spaces during the day, especially on weekdays, so the music we play is quiet. However, on weekends we tend to amplify the musical aspect so people can let their hair down and have a good time.

Your family holds a rich legacy in the hospitality scene in Mumbai- how do you maintain this legacy and what are the challenges of doing so?

Legacy is a perception of what people think of you. We place a lot of focus on what our customers think of us. A lot of effort is put in building personal relationships with them. So, I feel personalisation and consistency is key alongside constantly training our staff, to maintain the same high level and quality of hospitality.

How have your travels influenced what you inculcate in your restaurants?

My trips around Asia have definitely influenced me a lot in terms of culinary influences. Whereas, places like London and Dubai have taught me a lot about the business side of things. There are a lot of leading brands in these cities and conceptually, the food and beverage industry is becoming progressively interesting. So, I seek inspiration from different parts of the world for different things.

Do you like to travel-if yes what are a few places on your bucket list?

I love to travel! I would love to extensively travel across Japan and South America. Also, I definitely want to explore Peru more since it is the food capital of South America.

What are a few things that we would always find in your carry on luggage?

I never travel without my Kindle and AirPods. It is essential to me that I always carry a nice book to unwind with.

What’s next for the Tham brothers?

We are planning to open a restaurant in Bangalore soon and hopefully across all metro cities in India. The idea is to saturate the Indian F&B industry since it is such a wide open playing field.