With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets has come an explosion of apps to make your travelling life easier. Mark Prigg and Andy Tweddle select the best


1) The perfect app for the disorganised traveller, Packing Pro comes pre-populated with lists of things to put in your suitcase. It can also be customised with your own list so you don’t forget your essentials.£1.79; iPhone, iPad

2) If you are always forgetting your flight details, Tripit could be the answer. Email it your itinerary and it will format it in an easy-to-read app that you can even access offline. It allows you to record every part of your trip, including hotels and car hire.Free; iPhone, Android, Blackberry

3) An essential app for frequent travellers, Flight Track not only offers a map with live flight tracking but also gives information on departures, gate numbers and cancellations. It will even help you rebook if you miss your flight.£2.99; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Palm, Android

4) Accuweather shows up-to-the-minute forecasts for cities around the world. Rather than the free apps on most phones, it also provides hour-by-hour forecasts – it looks great to boot.Free (ad-free version 59p); iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

5) The popular Tripadvisor site doesn’t disappoint with its app, which gives you access to hotels, restaurants, flights and things to do. You can access the extensive reviews database, and many places let you book online straight from your handset.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm

6) Guidebooks transfer well to the small screen, and the Lonely Planet range is among the best. Hundreds of major cities are covered, and the apps include tips on what to do and see, offline maps, high-quality images, and listings.£3.49 per city; iPhone, iPad

7) Tablets and smartphones can really help with language learning, and the Lastminute.com Talking Phrasebooks are the best we’ve seen. With dozens available, they contain not just common phrases but also audio files so you can bemuse locals by holding up your phone and getting it to speak.Free; iPhone, iPad

8) The XE Currency app lists more than 180 currencies and is updated live with the latest exchange rates. It will also work offline, so you can check rates without racking up a huge bill for using your mobile abroad.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry


9) Download the RAC Traffic app for up-to-the-second UK traffic information. It shows you nearby incidents and even live updates from other drivers nearby.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

10) Dedicated satnav software often costs a fortune, so AA Route Planner is handy for those who only need directions in the UK now and again. It’s simple to use and is also great for providing live updates of any problems on your way.£1.79; iPhone, iPad

11) By far the best cheap satnav software out there, Forever Map by Skobbler may not have the bells and whistles of its more expensive colleagues, but it works very well for occasional drivers or those lost in a new country. It downloads maps so you don’t have to pay roaming charges, and is great for walking directions.59p; iPhone, iPad, Android

12) The Google Places app is a clever offering from the search engine giant, letting you find nearby restaurants, coffee shops, ATMs and useful services. It’s linked to thousands of user reviews, and integrates with Google’s brilliant Maps app to get you there.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

13) Not content with providing maps of the Earth, Google Sky Map lets you hold your phone up and identify the stars you are looking at. It’s accurate and fascinating, particularly if you’re in a city where you can actually see the sky clearly.Free; Android

14) It’s a great way to while away the hours on a desktop PC, but Google Earth has now gone mobile with the same amazing “flying” animations, letting you zoom in anywhere on the globe to see satellite imagery.Free; iPhone, Android

15) Perfect for when you’re running late and faced with a sign in another language, Word Lens can translate text if you point your phone’s camera at it (in Spanish at the moment, with more languages promised). Translations aren’t always perfect, but you should make it to your meeting on time.Free; iPhone


16) The Addison Lee app makes booking one of its cabs in London simple. You can set up a cash or corporate account, and it will use GPS to pinpoint your location and send a car to you. Free; iPhone, iPad

17) Regular users of the capital’s bike hire scheme will know finding some wheels at peak times can be tough. Thankfully, London Cycle can point you towards your nearest docking station and even tell you how many bikes are there. Free; iPhone, iPad

18) An essential purchase for Tube users, London Tube Deluxe has everything from a route planner to live departure boards for every station on the underground network.59p; iPhone, iPad

19) Driving into central London always seems a good idea until it is time to park. Nosey Parker comes to the rescue with its exhaustive database of free and cheap parking places – some two million around the UK are included.£2.99; iPhone, iPad

20) If you want one for the road once the pubs have shut, or jet lag forces you out for breakfast at 3am, then 24hourlondon is the app for you. It has hundreds of after-hours bars, restaurants and clubs, and can guide you to them.£2.39; iPhone, iPad

21) Proof that an app for virtually everything exists, Toiluxe can show you to the nearest public toilet if you are caught short when out and about. It only works in London but is great for finding a swanky hotel restroom.59p; iPhone, iPad


22) Jiwire’s Wi-Fi Finder is great for anyone looking to avoid data roaming charges when travelling abroad. The app will tell you where to find free wireless hotspots in 340,000 locations in 140 countries by using GPS, and can be downloaded in advance for offline access. Free; iPhone, iPad

23) An astonishing demonstration of how far technology has come, Google Translate lets you translate text between 57 languages, and spoken word into 15. Options include Japanese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, German, Spanish and Dutch.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

24) Being on the road no longer means you have to miss out on meetings thanks to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. It lets you tap into video-conferences, and even watch Power Point presentations on the go.Free; iPhone, Blackberry

25) Typing on your phone can be tricky, so why not try Dragon Dictation, which automatically turns your speech into text. It’s surprisingly good, and you can even train it to recognise your voice. Your text can then be cut and pasted into SMSs, emails and apps.Free; iPhone, iPad

26) While editing a huge spreadsheet or Powerpoint file on a mobile phone isn’t ideal, Documents to Go makes it bearable, allowing you to take the office with you. You can copy files easily, it works with all major formats (PDF, Xls, Powerpoint and Doc), and it is simple to sync documents when you get back home.£5.99; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm

27) Moonpig’s app is useful for that moment when you’re away and realise you’ve forgotten to send someone a card. You can even upload your own pictures.Free; iPhone, iPad

28) Perfect for creating retro-looking snaps on the road, camera app Instagram is linked to a blog site so you can easily post your pictures online and share them on social networking sites. There are more than a dozen filters to choose from, and you can attach other information such as reviews.Free; iPhone

29) Already hugely popular on desktop PCs, Skype has now wholly made the move to mobile with text, voice and video calls (depending on your phone). Not only can it help you to stay in touch with family, but it could also save your firm a small fortune.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Nokia

30) Instant messaging has traditionally been a little fiddly on a mobile device, but Meebo manages to bring all the most popular services, including MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk, into one app, and make it clean and simple.Free; iPhone, Android, Blackberry

31) A godsend for points-obsessed frequent flyers, Top Guest allows you to earn 20-25 real points each time you  “check in” electronically to locations around the world. It has already signed up many of the big reward schemes, such as Intercontinental’s Priority Club and Hilton’s HHonors.Free; iPhone, Android

32) Foursquare has become really useful for travellers, showing recommendations and special offers for nearby places to eat and drink. If you’re competitive, you can even take on your colleagues by earning points when you electronically check in at locations.Free; iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm, Nokia

33) Another “check-in” app, Gowalla is well worth trying for its brilliant cartoon-like interface and, increasingly, its offers and tips for local places.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm

34) The Facebook app has gradually expanded into an amazing resource for those on the move. Not only can you wow your friends by boasting about your location, the Places feature is handy for finding your way around.Free; iPhone, Android, Blackberry

35) It’s taken the web by storm but the Twitter app is also an incredibly polished, easy-to-use service. You can see all of your tweets, lists and mentions, and it constantly updates.Free; iPhone, Android, Blackberry

36) One of the most impressive apps for the iPad, Flipboard takes your Twitter, Facebook and web feeds and turns them into a gorgeous personalised magazine that even works offline, so you can use those long flights to catch up.Free; iPad

37) If keeping up with all your social networking sites is getting too much, Hootsuite could be the answer. It brings them all together in one app and is easy to customise.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android


38) If staying in shape while travelling is tough, the Calorie Tracker Lite livestrong.com app could help. It has a vast database of food from around the world complete with calorific breakdowns, and can even track your weight.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

39) The Nike+ GPS app is a great motivator. It uses GPS to map your run, track your progress, play power songs when you’re flagging, and gives feedback on how you are doing. You can also connect it to Twitter and Facebook to let everyone back home know how fit you are. £1.19; iPhone

40) Concerned about how much you drink on the road? The NHS Drinks Tracker is a simple app that allows you to input the individual drinks you have consumed. It then presents these in units on a graph to make it easier to see your progress (if you haven’t had too many…).   Free; iPhone, iPad


41) Instapaper is the frequent traveller’s best friend, allowing you to mark web pages to read later, then download them all in one go to read on a long flight. It’s simple, and brilliant.£2.99; iPhone, iPad, Kindle

42) If you’re constantly forgetting things you’ve seen online, then Evernote is for you. It’s a kind of electronic scrapbook that lets you collect text, pictures and web pages, then read and view them on your PC or phone – a good way of getting through that long-haul flight.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm

43) If you are shopping in a foreign country, Red Laser is a useful app to have at your disposal. Simply point your phone’s camera at the barcode on your potential purchase, and you’ll be shown prices from across the web.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

44) Finding somewhere decent to eat in a new place can be hard, but Urbanspoon makes the process easier. With databases spanning most major cities, it can recommend and help you book, all from a single app.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

45) Superb for securing last-minute bookings at restaurants around the UK and Europe, Toptable is a well thought-out, user-friendly app with a vast database of eateries behind it. It’s great for finding the best-reviewed places, and frequently has online-only offers.Free; iPhone, iPad

46) Avoid the shame of under- or over-tipping in a foreign country with Tipulator. Simply choose your currency then tell it what percentage you want to tip. It’s simple but incredibly useful to have – although, sadly, it doesn’t advise you on what the local customs for tipping are.59p; iPhone

47) The best way to get music on a mobile device, Spotify allows you to you stream from a ten-million track database, and download playlists to your device for offline playing.£9.99 per month; iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, Palm

48) If you have enough spare time to catch a film, Movies Flixster tells you what’s on at local cinemas in most major cities. You can also read reviews, watch trailers and buy tickets.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

49) The BBC’s iPlayer app allows you to bring Auntie on the road, with full access to TV and radio programmes, the ability to save favourites and also the option of high-quality video if your hotel has a decent wifi network. You can’t, however, download programmes for offline viewing. Note that it works only in the UK. Free; iPad, Android

50) Slingplayer Mobile lets you watch your home TV wherever there is a decent internet connection. You’ll need a special box at home, but it works brilliantly, and you can even control your Sky box remotely, causing no end of annoyance to the family back home.£17.99; iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Blackberry, Android, Palm

51) Never miss your favourite shows again with the Sky+ app, which lets you view listings and programme your Sky box from anywhere in the world.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

52) Electronic books are becoming a viable alternative to paper, and Amazon’s Kindle app is the best, working across multiple devices so you can start reading on your phone then switch to a Kindle or iPad without losing your place. There are thousands of books to download.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry


53) On top of live flight tracking, news via Twitter feed, and retail and restaurant information, Heathrow’s official Heathrow Airport Guide Pro app includes terminal maps, security information, weather forecasts for 220 destinations around the world, and airline contact details.Free; iPhone, iPad

54) Real-time flight data, restaurant details and terminal maps make Gatwick Airport Assistant a handy download – with one tap, you can also call any of the airport’s shops to check they have items in stock. Online check-in is available with selected carriers, and there’s advice on how to get there using public transport. Airport Assistant has similar apps for London’s other airports.£1.19; iPhone, iPad

55) Along with live flight updates, the official app for Stansted provides up-to-the-minute train, tube, bus and traffic information. You can also pre-book parking, view terminal maps and find out about special offers in the airport’s shops, bars and restaurants.Free; iPhone, iPad

56) Shake your handset while using iPlane London City Airport to refresh the screen with the latest flight information, or share your flight details with colleagues via SMS or email with one tap. There are iPlane apps for most other global airports.£1.19; iPhone, iPad

57) London Airports Pro pools all the arrival and departure details for Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and London City. £3.99; iPhone, iPad

58) The official Manchester Airport app allows users to view maps of each terminal, get airport directions and pre-book parking. Travellers can also access real-time air traffic information and search for flights.Free; iPhone, iPad

59) Frequent travellers to Amsterdam will benefit from Schiphol Plus. By registering your flight with the app, you’ll receive push notifications when the gate opens and boarding begins. Sadly, for this vast airport, there are no maps or retail information.Free; iPhone, iPad

60) Fly New York is a simple but helpful app for JFK that allows you to search for your flight by number, airline or destination to find out its status and access your gate number.59p; iPhone, iPad

61) Fly Los Angeles, like its East Coast counterpart, gives the basic details you’ll need to catch your flight, such as flight updates and gate details.59p; iPhone, iPad

62) Use Dubai Flight Tracker to track flights to and from the emirate’s international airport. If you input your flight number, you will get push messages when the status changes.£1.19; iPhone, iPad

63) Last year, Business Traveller readers voted Singapore Changi airport the world’s best, and its iChangi app is up there with it. Flight times, gate information, real-time push updates, shopping and dining listings, airline contacts and a special offer section make this app world class.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

64) By saving your flight info with Live Airport Hong Kong (HKG Airport), you’ll receive push alerts on its status and potential gate changes and delays. Information on terminal transfers, zoomable maps and transport listings are included.£1.19; iPhone, iPad

65) Find a quiet corner in the airport with the Priority Pass app, which allows you to search its network of 600-plus lounges in more than 300 airports. It uses GPS technology to locate the nearest one to you, and you can search offline to save on roaming fees. Free; iPhone, iPad (Blackberry/Android versions in development)


66) Members of Intercontinental Hotels Group’s loyalty programme can use the Priority Club Rewards app to book a room at any hotel in the portfolio, amend their booking, get directions and redeem rewards. A gallery has photos of every hotel.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

67) Owners of iPads can get more from their trip with Intercontinental Insider Concierge Guides. Tips on restaurants, attractions and local culture are provided by the group’s concierges at more than 120 destinations. Video tours hosted by each concierge add a personal touch.Free; iPad

68) With the Hilton app, you can book a room at more than 520 properties in 76 countries, and browse information on the full 3,000-plus Hilton Worldwide portfolio. HHonors members can check their points balance.Free; iPhone, iPad

69) Members of Starwood’s loyalty scheme can check their balance with the SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) Mobile App, as well as reserve stays and check out promotions at the group’s 1,000-plus properties.  Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

70) Book a room at any of the 4,000-plus properties in the Accor portfolio with the Accorhotels.com app. After booking, the app pinpoints your location and calculates the best route to get there. You can also view videos of each hotel.Free; iPhone, iPad

71) After you’ve confirmed room availability with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts app, you can peruse spa treatments or take a virtual tour of the property. One tap connects you to customer services.Free; iPhone, iPad72Leave your guidebook at home and download MO Hotels Mandarin Oriental. The app’s “Cities by MO” feature provides suggestions on where to shop, eat and visit from the group’s concierge team. You can also make room bookings. Free; iPhone, iPad

73) With Choice Hotels Locator you can book stays at any of the 6,000-plus Choice Hotels International properties, which include the Clarion and Quality brands (for more on Choice see page 44). GPS mapping will pinpoint your location and direct you to the nearest hotel, and customer service contact details are provided. Street-view images and details of the available facilities and amenities are also displayed, and Choice Privileges members can log on to their account.Free; iPhone, iPad (Blackberry, Android and Microsoft versions are being developed)

74) The Fairmont Hotels and Resorts app allows you to manage, but not book, your stays and find nearby eateries. You can browse by location, view hotel profiles, and check what facilities they offer, while the “Share Stories” feature allows you to upload photos and swap tips with other guests. President’s Club members can also access their accounts. Free; iPhone, iPad


75) Access flight schedules, book, check in and select your seat on board with the Air Asia app. You can also get discounts on in-flight meals.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android

76) As well as flight tracking, check-in and mobile boarding, the Air Canada app offers last-minute upgrades to the airline’s Executive cabin and same-day flight changes where available.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

77) Air France Mobile allows you to book and manage your journey, and request extra legroom on long-haul flights. It also offers real-time flight updates, online check-in, seat selection and mobile boarding. Flying Blue members can also access their account.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

78) The Air New Zealand Mpass app lets you manage your booking, download your boarding pass and get up-to-date flight information. Frequent flyers who use the Airpoints system can view bookings.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

79) The Alitalia app allows you to view arrival and departure information and store your e-boarding pass. Mille Miglia members can also access their accounts.Free; iPhone, iPad

80) Get arrival and departure details, and check in to your flight with the British Airways app. Executive Club members can view tier points and BA miles, plus use their e-pass to board the plane on select routes.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

81) After you’ve booked a flight through your American Airlines app, checked in and used the maps to find your gate, you can enjoy a game of Sudoku. AAdvantage members can track their mileage.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

82) As well as providing check-in, flight schedules and updates, Cathay Pacific’s CX Mobile provides city guides for 70 destinations and even invites you to “Meet the Team”. Marco Polo members can access their account. Flight booking is only available on the iPad.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Windows Mobile, Nokia

83) Continental Airlines has packed its app full of useful features, from booking, check-in and e-boarding passes to upgrade priority lists, seat maps and in-flight entertainment schedules. One Pass members can access their account.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

84) Fly Delta lets you check in, download a mobile boarding pass and check your flight status. You can also rebook flights. Skymiles members can gain access to their account.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

85) Exclusive to Etihad Guest members, the airline’s app allows travellers to search for ways to earn and redeem miles, check their balance and see how many points they need to reach the next tier level.Free; iPhone, iPad86 With the KLM application passengers can check in and find out the status of their flight. E-boarding passes are available for services to and from Europe, North Africa and Israel. Flying Blue members can also log in to their accounts.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

87) Flight schedules, fare searches and booking management are all available on the Korean Air app. Links to its Facebook and Twitter pages allow you to get the latest news updates, while Skypass members can check their miles.Free; iPhone, iPad, Android

88) A great feature of the Lufthansa application is its lounge directory, which includes details of all the facilities available in them. You can also book flights, check in, select your seat and get an e-boarding pass. Miles and More members can check their account.Free; iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Android, Blackberry 89  The Qantas Frequent Flyer app, which is exclusive to loyalty scheme members, can be used to buy a wide selection of products such as flights, gadgets and sports equipment.Free; iPhone, iPad

90) Book your flight, check in, choose a seat and download your mobile boarding pass with the Swiss app. You can also keep an eye on your flight status, check baggage allowances, and access the airline’s Twitter feeds.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

91) Thai M Service from Thai Airways allows you to view your bookings, access flight information, check in and access your Royal Orchid Plus loyalty scheme account. (You cannot book flights.)Free; iPhone, iPad

92) The spinnable globe on the Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker app shows the near real-time location of all the carrier’s aircraft – tap on a plane to get departure and arrival information. You can also check in and select your seat. Flying Club members can view their points. Play the “Where’s Richard?” game if you’re bored.Free; iPhone, iPad

93) With Fly Turkish, the app from Turkish Airlines, you can make reservations, track baggage and save your booking information for future transactions. You can also join the Miles and Smiles scheme and redeem award tickets.Free; iPhone, iPad

94) Use Oneworld Flight Search to view all routes for the alliance’s 12 airlines and their codeshare partners. You can view arrival and departure times and flight duration, but can’t make bookings. Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

95) The Skyteam app displays flight information for all its 13 member airlines. The eSky Guide also offers access to schedules when your handset is in flight mode. Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry


96) With the Heathrow Express app, you can book and pay for your journey and the ticket will be sent to your handset with a 2D barcode – staff will then scan it on board to validate travel. Live service updates are also available.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Java-enabled devices

97) Download thetrainline to plan journeys and buy tickets for collection at UK stations. The neat “next train home” feature can find your best route.Free; iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Samsung, Sony Ericsson

98) The iSixt app allows you to book rental vehicles and receive confirmation by SMS, email or screenshot.Free; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Bada

99) With Avis Rent A Car you can reserve a vehicle from any of its 5,000 locations in 114 countries – you can then modify or cancel the booking if needed. It can also connect you to roadside assistance.Free; iPhone, iPad

100) Find your nearest Hertz Car Rental branch and make a booking with its app. You can save your favourite locations, and exclusive deals for app users are added every week.Free; iPhone, iPad

101) Use the Europcar app and receive confirmation of your booking via SMS or email when hiring a vehicle with any of the 200 participating Europcar branches.Free; iPhone, iPad, Samsung Wave

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Mark Prigg is science and technology editor at London’s Evening Standard