Tickets open for “The View from The Shard”

With Europe’s tallest building celebrating the completion of its exterior this evening, tickets for the 224-metre high View from The Shard experience will open tomorrow, for visits from next February.

The experience will cost £24.95 for adults and £18.95 for children, and will open to visitors from February 1, 2013.

Visitors will start at level 68 (accessed via two high-speed ‘kaleidoscopic’ lifts that take 30 seconds to reach the level), with guests then heading to the triple-heighted level 69 which The Shard says will offer views up to 40 miles away.

Visitors can also go up to level 72 for views “exposed to the elements and sounds of the city beneath”. The experience will offer a vantage point “almost twice as high as any other viewing point in London”.

Tickets go on sale at 0900 BST tomorrow (July 6), with customers pre-booking arrival dates and time slots. Ahead of this a laser show will celebrate the official completion of The Shard’s exterior this evening.

When fully completed The Shard will house offices, restaurants, residences, and London’s first Shangri-La hotel, located on floors 34-52 of the building.

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Report by Mark Caswell

Picture credits: The View from The Shard

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  • I have a family of 4…no way would i pay nearly £100 to go up there…you can’t pre-book the weather….i think £12.50 and £8.50 would be a more fitting price..

  • I think The Shard is beautiful, a much needed modern addition for London, it looks ethereal and dreamy as it catches the light.

    What a shame some people have posted negative thoughts – they obviously want to live in the past.

    This graceful and dynamic building should entice more people to London as tourists- hope so! Well done Renzo Piano- fantastic architect!

  • I agree with Powerqueen’s comment and likewise congratulate Renzo Piano on creating a beautiful building.

    Perhaps the ticket prices will come down in time, as the ticket-sellers realise they will attract a greater number of visitors by charging more sensibly.

    But there are lots of places from which to see this magnificent spire of glass for free.

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