Join these Bali entrepreneurs who have found their mecca in paradise

Bali is extremely popular with tourists from Asia, Australia and very recently, America, and with good reason. It boasts a consistently warm and tropical climate, stunning beaches, jungles, a low cost of living and laid-back lifestyle. It is a veritable paradise. As a result of its ever-growing tourist trade, the so-called Island of the Gods has become popular as more than just a holiday getaway destination.

Bali has become the go-to place for individuals who are looking to escape the rat race and establish themselves as entrepreneurs with their own businesses. They have realized that on Bali they can have their cake and eat it, by working and living in paradise.

To show this is not some flimsy whimsical fantasy and very much a reality for many people, we are going to highlight three new entrepreneurs who have been finding success on the Indonesian island.

Sean and Mee Gray, Founders and Owners of Roots

Roots is a renowned restaurant and villa accommodation setup that serves healthy Korean-inspired food made with locally sourced ingredients. They had been living on the island since November 2016 and by April the following year they were building their restaurant business, that would eventually be called Roots. It opened in November the same year and then in January they added to the complex by erecting several villas to the rear of the eatery.

Part of the reason they decided to open a restaurant, something they weren’t interested in initially was down to the help and support they received while in Ubud.

Andrea Loubier – Co-Founder of Mailbird

Mailbird is a business that helps streamline Microsoft Windows and stops it being too clunky and complicated to manage for businesses. Her business may still be just taking off, but it has already attracted positive attention from many of the top publications in the industry like TechCrunch.

Andrea Loubier was originally employed in engineering back home in Ohio and moved to Bali because of a combination of the truly inspiring scenery and the low cost of living. She believes that Bali has all you need to start a business, but people don’t realize it. She makes a good point as erven the internet speeds, which are questionable in most Asian areas and countries, are better in Bali.

Peter Wall – Co-Founder of Hubud

Hubud is the first big co-working space in Bali. Located in Ubud and co-founded by Peter Wall, this is seen as one of the driving forces for the growth of the island’s startup business and creative community. Along with Steven Munroe, they wanted to build the space to provide help for the growing community and it now has more than 200 members.

As Wall has pointed out in interviews, when you work in a big city you are often looking for reasons not to be there. That is not the case with working in Bali. All the entrepreneurs don’t look for ways to get out of going to work and all the individuals living and working there are doing what they want.

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