The Department for Transport has temporarily reintroduced restrictions limiting air passengers to carrying liquids measuring no more than 100ml in their hand luggage.

The gradual rollout of next generation 3D scanners had led to several UK airports easing restrictions, meaning customers could carry containers holding up to two litres in liquids.

London City was the first major airport to do so back in April last year, with others including Aberdeen, Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, Southend and Teesside.

London City airport removes 100ml liquids in hand luggage rule

But the DfT said that the 100ml limit had been reintroduced at the six airports listed above from Sunday 9 June to “enable further improvements to be made to the new checkpoint systems”.

The BBC also reports that Bristol Airport had been due to lift restrictions from 14 June, but that this move would now be delayed.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Saturday, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said that the rollback would only affect around 6 per cent of those travelling.

“For most passengers, actually, the rules haven’t changed at all yet and won’t therefore change tonight,” said Harper.

“People should just check with their airport what the rules are, or the processes are, at a particular airport.

“We’ve reintroduced that rule while updates and changes are made to the scanning equipment at airports to make sure we can continue delivering our world-leading levels of aviation security.

“It’s a temporary measure and we will set out when that can be reversed in due course.”

In December 2022 the government announced what it called an end to the “tiny toiletries” rule by 2024, with all major airports required to replace existing 2D screening technology with more advanced CT security scanners.

Department for Transport confirms end to “tiny toiletries” airport rule by 2024

The original deadline for this work to be completed was June 2024, but the DfT recently granted extensions to some UK airports, effectively pushing the deadline back by a year.

Last week Birmingham Airport announced that following the installation of new scanning equipment travellers can now take an unlimited number of 100ml bottles in their hand luggage, which can be placed in luggage loose and do not need to be removed for security screening.

However the airport also confirmed (ahead of the DfT’s reintroduction of the 100ml rule) that it was awaiting regulatory approval for customers to carry containers of liquids up to two litres in size in their hand luggage.

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