Skyscanner has just launched its exclusive Savvy Search tool, a groundbreaking addition to its travel app arsenal. By harnessing the immense power of AI and tapping into its vast database of over 18 million unique flight routes and a staggering 80 billion prices searched daily, Skyscanner aims to revolutionise the way travellers plan their adventures.

Powered by the advanced Chat GPT technology from Open AI, Savvy Search introduces a new level of convenience and personalisation to travel planning. With just a few taps, users can express their travel desires, whether it’s a spontaneous European getaway in October or a meticulously planned 30th birthday trip with specific requirements for nightlife and cuisine.

What sets Savvy Search apart is its ability to generate up to three carefully curated destination recommendations tailored to each user’s preferences. But it doesn’t stop there. Unlike other AI-driven travel tools, Savvy Search goes the extra mile by integrating striking imagery and rich destination descriptions for each recommendation, allowing travelers to visualize their potential destinations in vivid detail.

Once users have found their ideal destination, Savvy Search seamlessly transitions them into Skyscanner’s flight search interface, where they can easily compare prices and find the perfect flight to suit their needs.

Piero Sierra, Skyscanner’s Chief Product Officer, emphasises the significance of AI in shaping the future of travel planning. He notes that while 44 per cent of global travellers are already embracing AI to aid in their travel research, the adoption rates vary significantly across different markets. With Savvy Search, Skyscanner aims to empower travellers during the discovery phase of their journey, offering them a more intuitive and personalised way to explore the world.