Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts and BRACAI have created an AI influencer called SENA Z., to help introduce new ways of storytelling around travel and hospitality. The hospitality arm of Bonvests Holdings Limited, Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts’ portfolio of independent luxury hotel properties includes properties in Mauritius, the Maldives, Tunis, Zanzibar, Marrakech, Singapore, and Australia.

SENA Z. has been described as “a global travel companion” who will exemplify Cenizaro’s commitment to sustainability “by leveraging digital influence to spotlight its global portfolio and beyond, cultivating a truly engaged audience.” The brand hopes to utilize the character to captivate audiences through her adventures, which will not only highlight various properties and travel destinations, but also champion “a lifestyle of curiosity, personal growth, and appreciation for global diversity.”

The content featuring SENA Z. won’t only be confined to the Cenizaro portfolio, but rather, the aim is to see the character partnered with various tourism boards and various other travel organisations, covering topics including culture, nature, adventure, sustainability and wellness through travel, and various other travel tips and insights.

“SENA Z. is about bridging tech with our love for exploration”, said Liza Quddoos, director of corporate Communications at Cenizaro. “She shows us how digital and human elements can enhance each other’s existence, enriching life rather than replacing our experiences.”

Meanwhile, Finn C. Arctander, founder of BRACAI, shared: “Working with Cenizaro to develop SENA Z. has been an amazing experience. Her story is deeply rooted in family, culture and adventure. SENA Z.’s existence celebrates those who are curious, aware, and brave.”