The Kind Roastery and Brewroom is pleased to announce its grand opening in Marenahalli, Bengaluru. Spread over two floors, this coffee-inspired space is open daily from 8am to 11pm.

The Kind Roastery and Brewroom encapsulates an elevated, homegrown, fuss-free energy that provides exceptional food, the best coffee, and extraordinary experiences in a relaxed and present atmosphere. The brand persona is built on four pillars: The Kind Brews, The Kind People, The Kind Planet, and The Kind Food, which represent the café’s commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and providing the best experience for their clients.

The establishment is founded by Pallavii Gupta and Arjun Shhetty, who have been in the hospitality industry for over a decade. With a passion for creating unique and memorable experiences, The Kind Roastery and Brewroom is their fourth venture in the hospitality industry.

The teas, coffees, and food offerings are meticulously handcrafted and custom blended for each recipe to achieve a delicious and recognisable flavour note that is distinct to the café. The coffee experience is truly unique, aromatic, and flavourful, categorising the cafe as a specialty coffee and handcrafted roastery with an elaborate food menu.

By making vegetarian and vegan food more approachable and accessible, The Kind Roastery and Brewroom believes that it is taking the first step towards a kinder planet. The Zen Table, designed to stimulate kindness and creativity, offers a space where people can pause, reflect, and find peace amidst the chaos of everyday life. The elevated vegetarian and vegan café menu at The Kind Roastery and Brewroom includes offerings like Giant Ravioli, Sourdough Tartines, Dry Khao Suey Salad and Mushroom Curried Dimsums.

The teas and coffees are sourced from estates within the country, with a unique blend crafted specifically for the café’s menu. From Coconut Coffee to Cinnamon and Jaggery Coffee, Jackfruit Latte, and loose leaf fennel teas.