Finnair has ramped up its sustainability efforts this month with a number of initiatives to reduce its carbon emissions both in the sky and on the ground.

The carrier has purchased 750 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Neste for use on flights departing Helsinki airport.

The SAF will be delivered early this year and will equate to approximately 400 flights between Helsinki and Stockholm operated with 100 per cent unblended SAF.

A small percentage – about 20 cents – from each ticket sold is being allocated towards the cost of using sustainable aviation fuel.

Customers can also contribute to reducing emissions by using the airline’s carbon offsetting service on, which includes SAF purchases as well as certified offsetting projects.

Eveliina Huure, Finnair SVP sustainability, said: “Finnair celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and reducing emissions from flying is essential to a sustainable future.

“In the coming years, sustainable aviation fuel will be one of the most important tools for reducing aviation-related emissions.”

This month, the carrier has also introduced 105 new electric-powered ground equipment vehicles, including dedicated Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric vans, meaning 45 per cent of ground operation vehicles will be electric.

Anssi Partanen, Finnair UK & Ireland market director, said: “The increase of electrically powered equipment is a key part of our strategy, and our new electric vehicles will help us achieve our goal of net-zero ground emissions by 2023.”

The carrier is also continuing with efforts to decrease single-use plastic and increase its recycling rates.

As of Monday, passengers in business and premium economy cabins will receive bamboo toothbrushes and mint toothpaste upon request, which have been developed by sustainability-focused company, The Humble Co.