JW Marriott Mussoorie’s Himalayan Book Club ‘Between The Covers’ has become a beacon for readers from across the country, offering an intimate and engaging space for an author to connect, exchange ideas and bask in the beauty of the mountains. Their fourth author in residence featured the award-winning author Meghna Pant and her latest novel, ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ which has recently been signed on to become a feature film. During the session, she expressed her enthusiasm for the creative process and upcoming release. Readers were transported to a world of imagination where characters came alive and stories took on a life of their own. Pant’s masterful storytelling, relatable characters and deep insights into the complexities of human relationships were a feast for the mind and soul. Her debut novel ‘One & A Half Wife’ was a national bestseller and won the Muse India Young Writer Award. Her other notable works include ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘The Trouble With Women,’ both of which were critically acclaimed. She has also been a columnist for various national and international publications, including Forbes, The Huffington Post and The New York Times.

Guests had the opportunity to collect a signed copy of ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ and step into a world of literary wonder in the pages of Pant’s latest masterpiece. The Himalayan Book Club initiative is a testament to JW Marriott Mussoorie’s commitment to creating unique experiences for its guests. It is a space where readers can explore new realms, uncover hidden literary gems and ignite their passion for literature by connecting with like-minded individuals from across the globe.

“We are thrilled to have hosted the fourth session of the Himalayan Book Club with the celebrated author Meghna Pant. As a resort that prides itself on providing enriching and immersive experiences, we believe that literature is a powerful medium that can inspire, provoke and transform us. Between The Covers represents an elevated platform for Mussoorie’s rich tradition of storytelling, allowing for insightful conversations through the written word. For me, these conversations involve engaging with authors and shining a light on their ideas as the forefront of our literary heritage” – Anoop Pandey, General Manager