London Luton airport is partnering with technology firm Leidos to roll out its ClearScan computed tomography (CT) scanners at security.

The airport is to invest in 12 of the scanners, alongside ProPassage automated tray return systems which it says “reduce the number of trays needed per passenger in the divest area and helps prevent sweep-outs, a common issue with light items in shallow trays”.

The first lanes offering the CT scanners will become available in the fourth quarter of this year, at which point passengers using them will no longer need to remove electronic devices and liquids from their hand luggage.

The scanners will also ultimately lead to customers being able to carry larger bottles of liquids in their hand luggage when passing through the airport.

In December last year the Department for Transport confirmed moves to finally end restrictions limiting passengers to just 100ml of liquids in their hand luggage when travelling through UK airports.

The current restrictions will be replaced with a new two litre limit “by 2024”.

Department for Transport confirms end to “tiny toiletries” airport rule by 2024

London City airport has already confirmed plans to relax the rule on passengers removing electronics and liquids from hand luggage in April this year, following successful trials of Leidos CT scanners.

Commenting on the news Brad Buswell, senior vice president and operations manager at Leidos, said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for our team, and we look forward to supporting these important initiatives at London Luton Airport.

“By focusing on end-to-end solutions versus individual systems, we will deliver a holistic security management solution, which can scale with the airport’s future needs.”