Aberdeen International is set to increase the fee to use its drop-off facility from next week.

The airport currently charges £4 to use the drop-off area outside the main terminal building for up to ten minutes, rising to £10 for 30 minutes and £30 for one hour.

Aberdeen Live reports that the initial fee will rise to £5 from February 15, although this will cover a slightly longer period of stay – up to 15 minutes.

Electric vehicles are able to access the drop-off facility free of charge for the first ten minutes, although users must pre-register to be eligible for this benefit.

All visitors continue to be able use the long-stay car park to drop off passengers free of charge up to 30 minutes.

Aberdeen Live quotes Scottish Conservative MSP for Aberdeenshire West, Alexander Burnett, as stating:

“This increase, just a year after the previous rise, will further penalise passengers coming from rural areas who rely on a car to get to the airport.

“Public transport to the airport is still not in place for people living in parts of Aberdeenshire and if it is, then it can take longer than the flight itself.

“While it’s great to see an increase in passenger numbers again following Covid, I’m concerned another rise in the drop-off charge will make people think twice and question how easy it is to fly from Aberdeen due to the costs before you board the plane.”

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