Qatar Airways and Airbus have brought an end to a long-running dispute over issues with the carrier’s fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft.

The Gulf carrier had grounded over 20 of its widebody A350s, due to what it referred to as “concerns surrounding the accelerated rate of fuselage surface degradation”.

The dispute became increasingly acrimonious, with Qatar Airways seeking over $600 million dollars in damages from the manufacturer, and existing orders for Airbus aircraft being cancelled by both parties.

But in a joint statement the companies said that they were “pleased to have reached an amicable and mutually agreeable settlement in relation to their legal dispute over A350 surface degradation and the grounding of A350 aircraft”.

The statement added that “a repair project is now underway and both parties look forward to getting these aircraft safely back in the air”.

Details of the settlement have not been disclosed, and both Qatar Airways and Airbus have now discontinued their legal claims, with no admission of liability for either party.

The statement concluded that the agreement “will enable Qatar Airways and Airbus to move forward and work together as partners”. No confirmation was given as to whether this would result in the reinstatement of cancelled orders.,