Known for its sensational modern Japanese recipes, Ukiyo, located at The Ritz-Carlton, Pune has recently introduced contemporary innovations to the comprehensive and alluring menu.

Curated by Director of Culinary, Chef Mayyur, the new introductions promise to thrill diners with the best of classic Japanese recipes woven with exceptional ingredients and flavours from unique culinary influences and experiences of their maestros. The restaurant’s kitchen has three sections – the main kitchen, the sushi counter and the robata grill – each presenting a unique twist on traditional Japanese dining.

The new menu showcases the best of dishes from all sections. Dishes are authentic but not traditional with intense flavours and an emphasis on simple presentation acquired through quality ingredients. Decisive ingredients are imported from Japan in order to maintain the authentic flavours; including Wasabi, Miso Paste, Yuzu Juice and almost all of the seafood for sushi and sashimi.

Indulge in a variety of delicacies like – Toro Aburi, which is tuna belly part seared with flames and rolled with pickled vegetables and Hiyashi Wakame; selection of Traditional Japanese Hosomaki, which is essentially one-ingredient-maki – allowing exotic ingredients to be the hero. One of the Chef’s favourites in mains is Nabe Udon – served in both vegetarian and seafood options, which features a hot pot with noodles, seafood or vegetables in a flavoursome broth.

Complementing the Taste of Ukiyo – Edition 3.0, Head Mixologist, Sagar Sarki, has designed the cocktail menu to showcase Mizuwari series of seven cocktails. Inspired by Japan’s iconic samurai warriors, the menu takes its name from the collective term for the codes of honour and the ideals that the samurai lived by. The cocktails are high on quality and provenance of alcohol with lower ABV, making them the perfect beverage for the salubrious Pune weather. Sip on the elegant – Jin -compassion or refresh with the light-bodied, mellow – Yu – heroic courage; Indulge in the fragrant – Meiyo – honour or savour the harmonious blend – Rei – politeness, among the humble variety.