Shanghai Club, the fine dining Chinese restaurant at ITC Grand Central, presents the magic of Chef Liang showcasing the best of Chinese regional cuisines, from January 15-22, 2023.

Indulge in an array of delectable dishes handcrafted by Chef Liang such as Lotus Roots with Golden Garlic, Pomfret with Bamboo Shoots and Garlic, Sichuan Double Fried Pork, Chongqing Spicy Noodles with Chicken, Chicken Meat Ball in Clear Broth, Fried Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce and much more.

Chef Liang possesses a vast experience of over 35 years in the culinary world. From being awarded China’s most high profile young chef and later the coveted title of master of Chinese cuisine, he has won numerous international laurels and accolades. He is the preferred Chinese chef for the representatives of the Chinese Government in India and the Chinese expatriate community.

Proficient in Sichuan, Guangdong and Beijing cooking styles, his repertoire of gastronomical delights include Five spice crispy duck, Gong bao chicken, Shredded pork in preserved chilli sauce, Double fried pork, Hot braised chicken, Sizzling rice with Sweet and sour sauce, Mapo tofu and Pan fried bamboo shoots with hoisin sauce. He has worked extensively with the China central television and conducted cookery shows teaching Chinese cooking techniques.