The aviation sector in India continues to progress vigourously, as in December 2022, the monthly domestic air passenger traffic touched 1.29 crores and crossed the pre-Covid levels. Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia termed the numbers as a good sign and a healthy trend for the aviation industry.

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 the number of domestic passengers was 1.26 crores. During the pandemic-induced lockdown and other restrictions, the aviation sector completely shut and incurring huge losses for the. However, as restrictions eased, the sector gradually began to revive itself and currently seems to have recovered.

As the passenger levels are rising rapidly, the government is taking a close look at the airport infrastructure. Analysts and experts from the aviation sector point towards the rising chaotic scenes at the airports due to a large amount of rush of passengers.

“Airport infrastructure at metro airports such as Delhi and Mumbai will be stretched for the next 18 months. While the two airports are taking measures to meet the rising demand, it may ease capacity constraints in the next 1-2 quarters. Additionally, the rise in demand and increasing fleet size will put further pressure on the airside at these airports over the next 18 months or so” said Jagannarayan Padmanabhan, director and practice leader, of Crisil Market Intelligence and Analytics.