London Stansted airport is set to see its busiest Christmas season in three years.

More than 1.2 million people are expected to travel through the airport during the period from December 16 until January 3.

Around 650,000 passengers are expected to fly from the airport, more than double the amount during the same period last year (300,000).

The airport also expects 550,000 travellers to arrive during this period.

December 23 is set to be the busiest day with 78,000 passengers flying in and out. Christmas Day, meanwhile, will see 4,000 travellers using the airport.

The most popular destinations include winter sun locations such as Malaga, Alicante, the Canary Islands, southern Turkey, Portugal and Dubai, as well as ski destinations in France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Destinations that are popular for New Year’s Eve breaks include Edinburgh, Vienna, Amsterdam, Dublin and Barcelona.

Anita Harrison, London Stansted’s customer operations director, is advising passengers to prepare for security checks ahead of arriving at the terminal to reduce delays at the airport.

“It’s worth remembering the restrictions on liquids carried in hand luggage continue to apply so it’s important they are all under 100ml and fit in a single clear, resealable bag, and all electronic items, including laptops and iPads, need to be taken out of hand luggage and laid flat in your tray when you reach the security search area.”

Passengers will have to wait until 2024 for the lifting of the 100ml toiletries rule.

Department for Transport confirms end to “tiny toiletries” airport rule by 2024

Travellers are also advised to check for any transport disruptions, given the various strikes planned over the next few weeks.

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