Pioneering wellness centres from CGH Earth Experience Wellness witness an increase in the younger and Gen-Z traveller segment opting for preventive healthcare as per 2023 trend report. Here are a few trends as per the report:


Restorative Travel and Healing Holidays 

Prevention is better than cure couldn’t ring truer. Rather than having to go for curative spells at a hospital, more and more people are turning towards traditional, holistic health. Classical Kerala Ayurveda & Prakruti Chikitsa – Indian Naturopathy has proven to have produced great results with regards to lifestyle disorders and other long-term health conditions.

Wellness is no longer considered a concept for the old

Having seen an older generation who have had to be on lifelong medication for their lifestyle disorders, the young are now turning towards Naturopathy & Ayurveda as a means to prevent going down the same road. They are opting for wellness-based getaways and self-healing journeys. Preventive health programs which are transformative are popular with the young-set. Curative programmes are more for the older generation and are typically need based. Gen Z is now looking for a drug-free, non-invasive approach to leading a more healthy and balanced life. 

Renewed interest in Ayurveda post Pandemic Investing time and money to travel for well-being

The Kerala Ayurveda philosophy has been accepted worldwide for its immense benefits and the science and methodology of treatments. The Panchakarma treatment course that involves 21 days has helped people change their lives. Society, now at large is realizing and tapping into India’s ancient wisdom of medicine that is globally revered and respected. People are willing to allocate one break in the year completely dedicated to their wellbeing and they are also willing to spend more, if it means better year -round health and a more positive state of mind.