Iryo becomes the fourth operator to use Spain’s high-speed (HS) rail network.

Iryo is backed by Italy’s Trenitalia and Spain’s Air Nostrum. It deploys Hitachi’s Frecciarossa 1000 trainsets which will initially operate between Madrid and Barcelona with more routes to follow.

We now know that Iryo will offer a full-service product to compete with Renfe’s conventional AVE services.

To cater for the corporate market Iryo provides a first class service branded Haizea.

Germany’s well-known train blogger ‘doc7austin’ was onboard the first service on November 25 and has compiled a detailed and objective video on what Haizea passengers can expect.

You will see that there are some teething issues which, hopefully, will be sorted in the coming weeks.

More worrying is the vibration at speed. Fast forward to 8.32 mins and you will see the meal tray shaking.

No wonder there were two Hitachi engineers on board, see 9.30 mins, who one assumes were checking performance.

Readers wishing to compare fares between the four operators, Iryo, Ouigo ES, Renfe AVE and Renfe Avlo will find the prices on

Unlike the UK situation where all operators must display their rivals’ fares, train operators in mainland Europe are only obliged to promote their own services.

Spain is a world leader in allowing foreign firms to operate their own trains on its domestic network.

It remains to be seen how successful rail can be in wooing customers from air.