The Mumbai outlet of the critically acclaimed modernist Indian fine dining restaurant was recently enhanced for an elevated culinary experience.

The Trèsind affair is not just its meticulously curated 14-course menu but extends to every element, the interiors, the presentation, the drinks and even the lights, each planned and positioned in a suave manner. The revamped version begins with interiors with added natural tones and moves on to crockery with the revival of natural elements and ends at the menu that has been altered to encapsulate seasonal ingredients and local produce.

The revisions to the menu are made keeping in mind the seasonal ingredients. As the seasons change from Monsoon to Winters, the elements of the menu see a bit of both. The Mumbai monsoon favourite corn can be seen as a star element in the star-shaped bite of corn 65 stuffed with corn butter and topped with achappam. The beloved Sarso Da Sag and Makkai ki Roti make a feature with a Trèsind twist, through saag gosht and radish salad, pickle carrot served with corn waffle topped with gud ki chutney and churned butter alongside.

Speaking of this revamp, Chef Sarfaraz Ahmed, Head Chef at Trèsind Mumbai says, “At Trèsind since day one, it has always been the drive to elevate and upgrade experience for our Patrons. We began with a simple menu but have constantly to offer what we have right now. This revamp is a testimony of that innovation, to elevate every element for a wholesome experience. The interiors, the food and every other element have been revised to inculcate greener, fresher elements that bring in warmth and natural vibe.”