The rate for converting Avios into Nectar points is to increase later this month.

British Airways Executive Club members can currently convert 250 Avios for 400 Nectar points, but this is set to increase to 300 Avios.

Nectar has been gradually informing members of the change, which takes effect from November 16.

British Airways and Avios launched their partnership in early 2021, enabling members to exchange 250 Avios for 400 Nectar points, or vice versa.

The key here is that the Nectar to Avios conversion is remaining at 400 Nectar points for 250 Avios.

Until now members have effectively been able to hold their balances in either scheme, and convert some or all of them in either direction without loss of value.

This is no longer the case, so the incentive to convert Avios into Nectar points (for example to redeem against Sainsbury’s shopping) has been reduced.

Those with Avios balances who think they might want to exchange them for Nectar points in the future should do so before November 16 (up to the maximum allowed of 50,000 per calendar month), to take advantage of the current conversion rate.

They can then always be converted back into Avios at the 400-250 rate if needed (assuming no changes to the Nectar-to-Avios conversion rate at a later date).

Members who have signed up for auto-conversion from Avios to Nectar points should also consider whether they want to cancel this.

The change follows last week’s news that British Airways Executive Club will move away from the current model of Avios earning being linked to the distance flown next year, in favour of Avios being earned per flight expenditure.

British Airways to move to Avios earned per flight expenditure in 2023,,

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