The popular chain of restaurants helmed by Indian cricketer- Virat Kohli has launched its outlet in Mumbai. The brand new casual dining and bar space called ‘One8 Commune’ is has opened its doors for its patrons.

Every one8 Commune property is designed specifically for its context. The city, the surroundings, the people. That being said, the restaurant is an homage to the late Kishore Kumar. Located at his old house, it celebrates the pluralism and humanism that being in the “commune” implies. It’s a space for everyone, to relax, chill, hang out and just unwind, and is literally designed with a “homely” yet elegant social vibe.

As the name implies, One8 Commune is all about community- a community that is ready to appreciate, welcome, and stand by humanism, a tribute to the human spirit and its resilience while also finding its excellence. Doing justice to the fact that Mumbai comes from a uniquely diverse architectural and urban design language, One8 Commune focuses on a singular aura of togetherness. This led to a design that kept the space fluid and free-spirited in its feel and invokes nostalgia, creativity, and inspiration.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the name ‘One8 Commune,’ Vartik Tihara, Co-founder, of True Palate commented, “The whole idea was about creating a comfortable space to bring together friends of different communities and age groups- all under one roof. Along with this, it also needed to do justice to arguably India’s most dynamic and thriving cosmopolitan crowd, openly accepting people and varied cultures. We wanted to create a space that is fluid and free-spirited, one that instantly creates a sense of belongingness and lasting memories.”

One8 Commune’s kitchen unveils a memorable feast of global cuisines, all created with passion, refinement, and precision. At the helm of all these culinary affairs is Corporate Chef – Pawan Bisht. Holding an experience of over 12 years, he has whipped up some authentic dishes full of flavours and packed with versatility and innovation. The One8 Commune kitchens chose to bring to Juhu, something that one would usually turn to Bandra for; a highly designed venue with a globally recognisable menu, focusing on light and healthy food with eclectic yet subtle experimentation of “comfort classics” and light cooks that retain their original flavour giving a few favourites to every kind of palate along with a focus on as-fresh-as-possible organic produce.

Complementing the elaborate food menu, the beverage program, especially curated by Beverage Manager, Saurav Samanta is a modern reincarnation of exquisitely crafted cocktails, inspired to help drinkers discover multi-dimensional cocktails from the bold down to the subtle. One8 Commune has created a well-balanced mix of new experimental creations like Deconstructed Picante, which is more like a liquid appetiser. They are deconstructed in a manner that taps into different umami that elevates your experience and White Chocolate Punch, an in-house special with earthy, grape, and smooth white chocolate flavours.