Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, the home-grown luxury chocolate brand from ITC introduces Fabelle Finesse. Fabelle has come together with Chef Adriano Zumbo, an acclaimed Australian pâtissier and TV presenter to unveil the brand of fine chocolates.

The chocolate has been crafted using a revolutionary technology – The Cocoa FinesserThis technology helps in reducing the size of chocolate particles to a new benchmark level, that is not possible to achieve in the conventional refining process alone. The equipment operates at pressures which exceed that at the deepest trenches on planet Earth help in creating a chocolate that has unrivalled smoothness, amazing melt-in-your-mouth chocolate experience unleashing a heavenly experience.

Chef Adriano, known for his deep culinary knowledge, was invited by Fabelle to experience the new chocolate.  Having tasted the product Chef Adriano threw open a global challenge to chocolate makers across the world to present a finer commercially available chocolate than Fabelle Finesse.

The smoothness of a chocolate is a fundamental sensory attribute that elevates consumer experience. A breakthrough technological innovation by ITC has made it possible for Fabelle to create chocolate as fine as seven microns. The pioneering technology is a result of months of research done by ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre and close collaboration with Fabelle Master Chocolatiers, crafting an exquisite chocolate in India that rivals the best in the world.  In a cutting-edge neurological testing method conducted by Neurons Inc, consumers found Fabelle Finesse to be significantly smoother than benchmarks and the sheer delight of consumption even helped consumers in alleviating stress in the test conditions. Fabelle Finesse has been created using cocoa sourced from Ghana and Colombia.  

The brand is launching limited edition boxes of chocolate thins, made from Fabelle Finesse, which will be available at select Fabelle Boutiques located at ITC Hotels. Going forward, Fabelle Finesse will be adapted across Fabelle chocolate portfolio and will be available at Fabelle Boutiques across India.