Sustainability has always been an important part of the culture at Club Mahindra. As the Indian Hospitality Industry shifts its focus to becoming more sustainable, companies across the nation have been taking numerous measures in this regard. Club Mahindra has shown its commitment to the cause ever since its inception and has demonstrated it yet again with its efforts in resorts at Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar and Hatgad.

At Club Mahindra, its respect for planetary boundaries, biodiversity, and ecosystems, is seen in all its actions and in everything it does. Club Mahindra recognises the importance of sustainability and has placed that above all else. To reaffirm its commitment to this cause, Club Mahindra is the first hospitality company in India to have signed RE100 and EP100 (renewable energy and energy productivity). In addition, it measures the efficiency of air conditioning systems in accordance with the EP 100 cooling challenge. It has adopted a number of sustainable practices including solar installations, energy saving, water conservation, waste recycling, and encouraging biodiversity to help us double our energy productivity by 2030, become carbon neutral by 2040, and run on 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050. It is taking advantage of the solar power at our resorts, having generated about 22 million kWh during 2020-21. It has recycled and reused 250 million litres of wastewater, per year by installing flow restrictors, wastewater recycling and reusing, and by rainwater harvesting.

The brand has incorporated a host of sustainable practices at more than 80 resorts across India and abroad, in the areas of solar installations, energy saving, water conservation, waste recycling and biodiversity.