Earlier this week, VFS Global introduced its first-ever Indonesia fast-track Visa on Arrival service for Emiratis as well as nationals from 75 countries residing in the UAE.

Eligible travellers can apply for the visas valid for business as well as tourism purposes online prior to their departure through VFS Global itself.

For this initiative, VFS has entered into an agreement with TLP, the Immigration Department for Republic of Indonesia and Bank Mandiri, to provide online pre-payment of fees, fast-track access and concierge services to international passengers arriving in Jakarta.

Once these travellers submit their online application, a confirmation will be emailed to them and the visa processed in advance to it being stamped upon arrival.

On arrival, these passengers can switch to a fast-track lane which will expedite the process of them receiving their visa stamped onto their passport.

VFS said that it will offer Standard and Express service options to those applying online. Applicants opting for the Standard service will be able to submit their applications upto 72 hours prior to the date of departure. Those opting for the Express service will be able to submit their applications upto 24 hours prior to the date of departure. The Express service additionally provides end-to-end personalised assistance from the arrival gate through immigration, baggage claim and customs.

Additionally, citizens and residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, who are eligible for this service and would prefer to apply for the visa in-person prior to their departure rather than doing so online, can visit the Indonesia visa on arrival kiosks located outside the VFS Global Visa Application Centres located in Wafi Mall in Dubai, and as well as WTC Mall in Abu Dhabi, where they will be assisted by VFS staff.

“Indonesia is a popular destination for travellers across the globe, and we are excited to unveil a service that will make their visa application journey quicker and simpler. With tech-led Do It Yourself solutions becoming increasingly popular, this first-ever fast-track Visa on Arrival service is sure to offer applicants a more relaxed on-arrival experience,” said Jiten Vyas, chief commercial officer at VFS Global.