The media regularly talks of a night train renaissance in Europe. That’s true up to a point.

Although new services are planned, there’s difficulty obtaining sleeper train rolling stock. In addition, rolling stock has to be certified by national railway networks.

Here we find a perfect example with Sweden’s national operator SJ. It is attempting to operate Hamburg-Stockholm with a comfortable service for both leisure and business customers alike.

On paper it looked impressive. In reality, however, this service has failed to deliver so far and all because of a technicality involving the Danish rail system for whom the sleeper cars are not yet certified.

Since the service launched on September 1 the entire train has consisted of a mere two couchette cars, making it hopelessly uneconomic let alone unappealing for corporate users.

And there has still been no change. Passenger Bregje van Veelen was travelling from Sweden to the Netherlands a couple of nights ago and she tweeted the following.

At the time of writing it remains unclear when Denmark and the EU will approve the sleeper rolling stock for use (within Denmark).

SJ has issued this advice for travellers.

It must be pointed out that the stock in question is not brand new. It’s been removed from storage elsewhere in mainland Europe.

To order and manufacture new rolling stock for night trains takes an age.

As an example, Austria’s OEBB ordered new Nightjet trains from Siemens in 2018 but these will not enter service until 2023.

Business Traveller will update this piece as and when there are developments.