Passengers of airlines within the Lufthansa Group can now check-in their own baggage at Brussels airport.

The system, which was gradually rolled out by Brussels Airlines over the summer holidays, is open to passengers travelling on short- and medium-haul flights operated by Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines.

Those who have checked in online can scan their boarding pass at one of the 16 kiosks located near check-in row 4 to receive a printed baggage label for their suitcase, which they can then affix to their luggage before placing it on one of the six luggage belts.

According to Brussels Airlines, this system allows up to 400 passengers to check-in their baggage every hour, providing significant time-savings for customers.

During the months of July and August, 35,000 suitcases (equivalent to almost 10 per cent of the suitcases of the short- and medium-haul flights of the Lufthansa Group) were checked-in using this system.

The system is now fully operational, with Brussels Airlines adding that it will be “closely monitored, with a view to expansion possibilities in the future”.

Brussels Airlines’ agents will be available to help passengers if assistance is needed. The manned check-in desks can also still be used, if preferred.

Several airlines have introduced innovative baggage check-in services to minimise queues at the airport. Qantas recently unveiled new next-generation self-service kiosks, primarily used for printing bag tags, while Etihad launched an at-home luggage check-in service for those that want their baggage to be collected and checked in from their home or office.

Etihad launches at-home baggage check-in service