The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced a new multi-entry visit visa to the kingdom for all those who possess a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Hayya card.

The Hayya card, issued by Qatar, is mandatory for all World Cup attendees and provides entry into Qatar as well as the stadiums.

Holders of the Hayya card can apply for the new Saudi visa online itself. Visas will allow for a 60-day stay in Saudi beginning 10 days before the tournament kicks off.

To facilitate entry into the kingdom over the course of the World Cup, national carrier Saudia will be operating 40 shuttle flights daily to Doha from both Jeddah and Riyadh, increased to 60 daily flights on the Saudi team’s match days. Doha is a 90-minute flight from Riyadh.

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The two countries share a border as well. The Salwa Border Crossing between Saudi and Qatar will be open for land travel and the new port will have an increased daily capacity of more than 24,000 cars.

Importantly, Saudi has now lifted all travel Covid-19 restrictions for international travellers.

“Football lovers from around the world can book to visit Saudi with confidence because the total value chain is complete from connectivity and accessibility to the ease of securing a multiple entry visa. It’s easier than ever to enjoy all that Saudi has to offer and I invite those visiting the region for the World Cup to visit Saudi,” said Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO and Member of the Board at Saudi Tourism Authority.